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Arlia & Associates, CPA’s LLP is a full service accounting, consulting, and tax strategy firm in New York, New Jersey & Florida. There is no client too large or too small that we can’t serve. We specialize in real estate, real estate management, real estate consulting, real estate tax strategies, and surrounding industries such as construction, manufacturing, development, homeowners association management, and professionals. We service the entire professional industry such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.

Tax Reduction Strategies For:

Our Mission

Arlia & Associates will work diligently to provide our clients with exchange in abundance. We pride ourselves on turning ordinary business people into strong management minded entrepreneurs with a goal to succeed in today’s business market and build a bright financial future. We are your bridge to a positive future.

Tax Detective Book

If you think you’re paying too much in taxes…
You probably are!

Taxes don’t have to be a mystery when you understand the difference between tax filing & tax planning. You can actually use the tax code to CUT hundreds and even thousands off your tax bill!


The Tax detective -
This book is a collaboration of some of the top 16 CPA's in the USA. It teaches you how to turn ordinary spending into tax savings, and more!
The Tax Detective, chapter 14, The Unbreakable Alibi.
Francesco Arlia Jr. Investigates and teaches how to defend yourself and prepare yourself for an audit and how to avoid an audit. Understand audit risk without fearing the IRS. "Observation is your greatest tool, perception is your validation, investigation is your confirmation, truth is your goal and freedom." - Francesco Arlia Jr. See more
Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions for Cell Tower Owners

✓Opinion Letter – On tax strategy for your cell tower sale/lease.

✓Audit Protection Plan – Based on the advice provided in the opinion letter.

✓Guidance – We provide guidance through the entire process, step-by-step.

✓Tax Reduction – The maximum legal tax reduction possible from the sale of your cell tower lease.

✓Cooperation – We work with your current CPA and cell tower tenant towards the best solution for you.

✓Cell Tower Sale Transaction – For mutual peace-of-mind we help negotiate your best cell tower deal, and  facilitate your deal!

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Clients About Us


“Fatima and Paula, everyone I speak to, are just great. [Arlia and Associates] is on point and I love working with Fatima.”

RoseMary B.

“We’ve had a really nice experience [with Arlia and Associates] and Lora did a good job of explaining things clearly”

Melezat P.

“Arlia and Associates has been very efficient. I have been coming for a few years and everything is very satisfactory, especially with Fatima.”

Susan G.

Frequently Asked Questions


Visit: https://www.irs.gov/refunds for your updated refund status.

There is no limit on the amount of taxes you are able to write off for a rental property, and the write-off cap for residential properties is $10,000/year.

If itemizing deductions for a rental, there is no limit and if for a residential property you may up to $850,000

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